Ever thought about the difficulty behind finding an accommodation better than a PG when you are all set to put your best foot forward into the professional or college world? It is always not necessary that a tedious task like this comes only after 12th standard but some students are opting to go out and study right after their 10th standard.

What exactly comes to the mind when you think of finding an accommodation better than PG either for a job or for higher studies? 

Let us give a quick idea about this and maybe after you complete reading this article you will come across the different angles of searching while selecting an accommodation better than PG and we hope we will somehow make your task easier by giving you some tips and ways of selecting an accommodation.

The below pointers elucidates the pros and cons which selecting an accommodation:

  • Location- This is by far the most important factor to consider while choosing the right accommodation. Often, we end up spending hundreds and thousands just on travel from the company/college to the accommodation and vice versa. So, it is advisable to choose an accommodation that is the nearest to your workstation/place of study. 
  •  Food – be certainly sure that the accommodation you are choosing has an option of three times meal included, if not, minimum two meals a day which has to be included in the rent and accordingly take the wise decision and check what is best for you. 
  • Facilities - Apart from the food and location, other points to be kept in mind are that the accommodation must have a lively environment and must include basic amenities of having separate washrooms in each room along with basic laundry services and a descent room size, proper sharing foods. Some secondary facilitiesshould be having a fridge and TV in room but that is what comes secondary. So, make sure you get the basic primary facilities as mentioned above. 

Finding an accommodation can sometimes be really confusing. This area also is one of the most adaptable and accessible area where you get all your needs under one roof and that too at a budgeted price than the main crowded city gushed with traffic. Electronic city is further divided into two phases i.e., Phase1 and Phase 2. In Electronic City Phase 2 there is a fully fledged accommodation better than PG that you get at an affordable price with a lot of facilities, flexibility and luxury to enjoy staying at One, Double or Triple sharing rooms. Excited? Let’s see what all we have for you.

The accommodation is very popularly called as Zenstays, Zen-City Campus situated in Electronic City Phase 2 nearby to Season Hotel. The accommodation has a very diverse environment with everything what you wish to have under one page. Starting from medical shop which is the need of the hour to budget-friendly restaurants to filter coffee and chai points and all that you can think around this.

The accommodation further provides: -
  • Fully furnished spacious rooms with attached washrooms
  • Healthy and tasty meals
  • Storage beds and LED TV with DTH connection 
  • LED lighting
  • Washrooms with a western commode and large mirror
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Fully automatic washing machines in the common area
  • House-keeping services 
  • Common areas in the terrace separate for men and women to discuss projects and academics. Also, to relax their evening observing the beautiful and magnificent sunset and at night watching the atrocities of the city lights all around and a full 360-degree view of the E-city flyover with motions to and fro of vehicles which make staying at Zenstays even more fun and a vibrant yet dynamic place to be in. 

Thus, at last we will conclude by saying that if you want a comfortable, luxurious, secure and homely accommodation better than a PG in and around Electronic city for both girls and boys whether students or working professionals then Zenstays is surely the right choice. Hope by now we have made clear the tedious work of brainstorming about accommodations better than PGs a bit easy for both the working professionals as well as the student audience.